About Us

Consumer behavior, knowledge, and demand is as dynamic as ever, and technology continues to drive and re-define how companies engage their customers. Interactions and Transactions are completed without ever speaking a word, and companies are forced to properly represent their brand through digital channels. The ability to offer an integrated, omni-channel customer experience has until now been limited to Large Corporations.

Enter Guerilla Inc., leveraging industry experience, technical expertise, and digital strategy we are the bridge between resource constrained companies and large corporation capabilities. Dedicated to providing a seamless customer experience through Apple Applications (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) for businesses, Guerilla Inc. creates, develops, and maintains our clients mobile platform/digital business architecture.Committed, Invested, and Motivated to change the competitive environment/advantage for local businesses, our solutions can help increase brand equity, operational efficiencies, and customer experience. At Guerilla Inc. there is no such thing as a small business…“Revolution Driven. Evolution Delivered”