Customer Expectations, Technology Advancements, and Market Standards have forced companies to re-evaluate and invest in their marketing and digital strategy.

These factors only further complicate a dynamic digital environment, and compound pressure on companies to transform. Guerilla Inc. specializes in developing cutting-edge solution and complimenting customized strategies (e.g., marketing campaigns, promotions, etc.) with personalized mobile applications.

Utilizing the solutions that Guerilla Inc. can provide, your business can:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Create “stickier” customers
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Higher brand value
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Differentiated customer experience
  • Increased revenue

Listed below are our main areas of expertise, and solutions that will advance our client’s digital presence …… you don’t meet the industry standards, you’ll set it.

Coding Your App

We code every app from scratch.


  • Create specific promotions for each customer
  • Track customer behavior based on interactions across all touch-points
  • Reach your customer-base with personal communications

Omni-Channel Experience

  • Deliver a device agnostic and consistent experience across all channels
  • Acquire information from all devices
  • Easy-to-Use navigation to increase
  • Deliver a non-invasive customer experience


  • Create a differentiated marketing plan
  • Digital strategy to create a seamless customer experience
  • Increased success of marketing campaigns
  • Ability to monetize and track past campaigns
Ordering from the app

Your app can accept orders.


  • Update menu/information quickly and seamlessly
  • Acquire marketing tips and industry best practices
  • Improve capabilities and functionality on a regular basis


  • Accept orders through your mobile app
  • Acquire information for quotes/leads
  • Create a new channel to reach your customer
  • Increase brand optics with innovative technology capabilities

Other Capabilities

  • Present business reviews for customers to view
  • Allow customers direct access to your app with a QR Code
  • Integrate your twitter with your customized App