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Mobile Satisfies The I-Have-To-Know-Now Craving

Nearly 90% of mobile restaurant seekers make a reservation or call within the day they plan to visit or make a purchase from a restaurant. Smartphone users had the most urgent needs, with 64% converting immediately or within an hour of their mobile search activity, according to a recent study. The findings from the xAd [...]

Study: Restaurant strategies differ for smartphone, tablet apps

Restaurant patrons are turning to their mobile phones much more to search for their next place to eat, and their usage patterns for mobile Web browsers or apps on smartphones and tablets all differ to the point that foodservice brands need separate strategies to accommodate everyone, a new report has found. According to the “Mobile [...]

Small Companies Drive Sales With Apps

In the summer of 2010, Sheri Gurock, co-founder of Magic Beans, a retailer specializing in toys and baby gear, decided to join the mobile app craze. But her timing may have been a little off. Ms. Gurock deployed an app that allowed in-store customers to bypass the cash registers and check out their purchases themselves, [...]