Burgrz, a fast-casual restaurant based in Michigan that serves gourmet burgers, wanted a way to make ordering even easier. Their lunch business is huge, with many of their customers phoning in to-go orders all afternoon loing. Having their staff field phone calls, while also juggling their regular responsibilities, got to be too much. They needed a solution that cut down on hassle for their staff and also add the convenience for their customers of being able to order from their iPhone.

We built them an iOS app that seamlessly integrates with the in-store ordering system, allowing orders to flow into the register the same as an employee punching in the order themselves. And being on the front-end is just as easy. Customers are taken through each phase of their order, even allowing to customize with special toppings, condiments or other special requests. With only a few clicks, the order is placed and ready for pickup in 30 minutes.

The Burgrz app allowed customers to conveniently place orders online without the aid of a computer, and allowed the Burgrz staff to get back to the business of running a restaurant.