Study: Restaurant strategies differ for smartphone, tablet apps

Restaurant patrons are turning to their mobile phones much more to search for their next place to eat, and their usage patterns for mobile Web browsers or apps on smartphones and tablets all differ to the point that foodservice brands need separate strategies to accommodate everyone, a new report has found.

According to the “Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study,” conducted by mobile network xAd and mobile researcher Telmetrics and based on data from Nielsen, mobile searches for restaurants convert to food orders 90 percent of the time, which is higher than conversion rates for searches relating to travel or car purchases.

People searching for restaurant information on mobile phones or tablets also exhibit a greater sense of urgency, the study found. While 90 percent of those users look to convert their search into a restaurant visit by the end of the day, 64 percent of smartphone users do so immediately or within an hour of searching. Forty-four percent of tablet searchers visit a restaurant immediately or within an hour.


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